• Anna María Björnsdóttir is an Icelandic vocalist based in Copenhagen/Iceland. She studied at FÍH school of Music in Reykjavík and in Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. She released her debut album Saknað fornaldar in 2012. She wrote the music on the album to old Icelandic poems.

  • Celenka is a fresh Finnish trio bursting with virtuoso musicianship and in possession of the daring to combine tradition with new musical creations. The trio has arranged their music for a rare combination of vocals, kantele, trumpet and harmonium.

  • ELÄKELÄISET – The Kings of Humppa Humppa versions of rock classics and lyrics dealing with life of the elderly, heavy on the sarcasm. Eläkeläiset was started as a joke in the spring 1993. The idea was to play rock classics in humppa style.

  • Elin Kåven takes you on a journey to Sápmi, the land where the folklore spirits and mysticism are a part of everyday life. She belongs to the Norwegian Sami people which are the nomad people north of the arctic circle.

  • Iki

    IKI is boiling intuition and EXPLODING improvisation! It evolves and transforms singing, and brings it into new, uncharted territories. IKI is an improvising vocal ensemble consisting of eight female vocalists from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Exciting new voices from the Faroe Islands! Kata is an all-female vocal group with five of most mesmerizing voices from the remote islands: Greta Bech, Guðrið Hansdóttir, Arnfríð Lutzen, Eyð Berghamar Jacobsen and Unn Paturson.

  • Ilkka Heinonen Trio combines the ancient sounds of the Finnish jouhikko (bowed lyre) with a diverse range of contemporary influences, pushing the instrument into exciting new musical territories.

  • This trio is a konspirazy of world and jazz music. It combines finnish and jazz traditions with rock and even flamenco.

  • Rakka is a new improvising instrumental quintet from Finland. The first album of the band, Soutu (means rowing) by Lumpeela Julkaisut will be released in Finland, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

  • Rim

    Rim - Engaging and powerful presence

  • From the northernmost point of the Norwegian mainland in Sápmi, Gamvik in Finnmark, comes Torgeir Vassvik; a stormy and barren landscape hidden in darkness through the winter. The polar sunlight that flows day and night throughout the summer months never manages to enhance temperatures that normally would be associated with summer.

  • TRAD.ATTACK! is the shooting star of Estonian folk scene. Since their debut in 2014 the band received nine Estonian Ethno Music Awards, two Estonian Music Awards and successfully performed at Folk Alliance International in USA.

  • Storied Sounds from Estonia

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