Duo Systrami

Duo Systrami

Duo Systrami

Photo: Lisa Jacobi

När Isen Går (When The Ice Is Breaking)

This is music of life and death. With great originality Duo Systrami creates magic in both their music and their narration.
Here is a strong and unjustified scenic presence.” The motivation of the jury in the competition ”The young Swedish folk music band of the year”.
With the roots from Ångermanland in the north of Sweden, Duo Systrami creates music inspired by the dramatic and mysterious landscape from their district and also about their relation to each other as twin sisters.
It´s about the dark seas, the fierce storms and the deep forests. In their music they also describes their very close relation to each other as twin sisters which fills the whole spectra of feelings, from grief and anger to trust and happiness, what it means to know someone from inside and out.
With the sisters on stage you never know what to expect. Something that starts with a beautiful delightful melody is in the next second replaced by a groove beat, maybe the even start to sing!
The interplay with each other and the throws between genres makes it impossible to put Duo Systrami in some sort of box, The fly as they please, but always together. Ever since the start 2013 they´ve been touring diligently around Scandinavia and have received many awards for their music.


  • När Isen Går

    När Isen Går

    Jahr: 2018

    Katalognummer: NN108

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