Teaser Elin Kåven

Elin Kåven

Teaser Elin Kåven

Elin Kåven – A manifistation of the arctic life.

Alternative sami folk music/Oniric ambient folk music

ELIN: Light. Beautiful fairy.
KÅVEN; Familyname of the most famous sami shaman in Sápmi.

Elin Kåven takes you on a journey to Sápmi, the land where the folklore spirits and mysticism are a part of everyday life. She belongs to the Norwegian Sami people which are the nomad people north of the arctic circle.
Elin Kåven – a well know sami artist and dancer in her homeland will november 2014 go on her first tour in Germany. She played her first concert in Germany 21st of august 2014. This was at the Nordic Embassies during the Play Nordic Festival. The event was called Riddu Riđđu Festival in Berlin.
Elin Kåven is currently working on her third album which is going to be released on the German label Nordic Notes spring 2015. Nordic Notes released her album ”Máizan- Thaw” in 10 countries in Europe september 2013. The producer of that album Juhani Silvola (Higasakite, Àdjagas) has collaborated with Elin since 2008. He will also be the producer of her next album.
In her new album she wants to emphasize her Sami heritage even more. She has been portraying sami myhtology and become a spokesperson for the old sami culture, and she wants to continue doing so by using topics from sami myhtology and yoik. Yoik is the traditional sami way of using the voice.
At the age of sixteen Elin moved to the south of Norway and later lived abroad for many years. After about nine years away she realised that she was forgetting her native language and culture. She felt homesick and realised how important background and roots are. She started to see how her culture is different from others – in a new way, and thats when she decided to dedicate her art of music and dance to the sami culture.
Elin Kåven released her first EP in 2005 after participating in a Sami singing contest. She has after that released two albums, three singles and a live DVD. She won the “Sami Grand Prix 2008” songcontest and came second in “Liet Lavlut European Song Contest for Minority Languages 2008”.
In february 2012 her song “Àibbas Jaska / All still” was a finalist in “International songwriting competition”. A competition in USA with celebrity judges like Ozzy Osbourne, Tori Amos, Tom Waitts and Robert Smith.
The year of 2011 she held the title ”Sami artist of the year 2011” of Sapmi Music/Scene Finnmark, Norway, who work with promoting a new sami artist every year. In 2013 she performed live with a symphony orchestra on national TV and in 2013 she was chosen to participate in ”Indigenous Song Lines” a new collaboration between the indigenous TV-channels APTN, NITV, TG4, NRK SÁPMI, MG ALBA, TITV, MAORI and OIWI, and collaborationg with World Indigenous TV Broadcasters Network (WITBN). There are in total 35 participants, 5 from each channel, and each of them will make a music video that will be broadcasted in all of the above channels.
Elin Kåven wants to let people all over the world experience the life of the mythic arctic through her music and performance. She has been a dance instructor and performer of Tribal dance for 8 years, and her dance is always a big part of her performances. In 2013 German press gave her the feedback she was hoping for:

“Elin Kåven’s music is like fairy-tales in notes. In her senuous and vivid songs I could feel her strong connection to Nordic traditions, culture and nature so intensely like I was experiencing it myself.”

– Anja Otten-Reichel, Publisher Norrden.de, Quote (Sep 30, 2013)

2015 Nordic Notes Vol 3 – Folk aus Norwegen
2015 Compilation “A Taste of Nordic Notes / Beste! Unterhaltung / CPL-Music”
2014 Compilation Nordic Notes Vol 2, “Ulda Nikta – Ulda allures”, 1 track.
2014 Elin Kaaven “Sami Soga Lavlla – Sami Anthem”, Digital Single DAT o/s
2013 Elin Kaaven “Maizan – Thaw” – CD Album, Nordic Notes, 9 tracks
2013 Isogaisa festival – CD, Compilation, 2 tracks.
2012 Elin Kaaven “Maizan – Thaw” – CD Album, DAT o/s, 9 tracks
2012 Elin Kaaven “Vaimmu cuovga/Heartlight” – Digital single, DAT o/s, 1 track
2011 “Aibbas Jaska/All Still”, Compilation, by:Larm, 1 track
2011 Elin Kaaven “Jiknon musihkka-Frozen music Live”, DVD, DAT o/s.
2011 Elin Kaaven Lihkku Niehku/Dream of Fortune Digital single, DAT o/s, 1 track
2009 Elin Kaaven Jiknon musihkka/Frozen music CD album, DATo/s, 10 tracks
2009 Sami Grand Prix 2009 CD, Rieban, Compilation, 1 track
2008 Sami Grand Prix 2008 CD, Rieban, Compilation, 1 track
2005 Elin Lahka EP, Rieban, 4 tracks


  • Máizan Thaw

    Máizan Thaw

    Jahr: 2013

    Katalognummer: NN053

  • Jiknon Musihkka / Frozen Music

    Jiknon Musihkka / Frozen Music

    Jahr: 2015

    Katalognummer: NN067

  • Eamiritine - Rimeborn

    Eamiritine – Rimeborn

    Jahr: 2015

    Katalognummer: NN070

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