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Joonas Widenius Trio’s new album “New Nordik Sagas” is a trip through new Scandinavia, nature, ancient times and people together. It brings out new melodies, harmonies, rhythms and stories from Scandinavia you haven’t heard before. The album challenges the listener.

Widenius’ melodies are sometimes simple, sometimes challenging with a bit of melancholy but easy to be listened to – and easy to be loved. Instead of just following his northern roots and putting those tradition-inspired tunes into a new contemporary livery, Widenius does something pretty unexpected: He uses technique and styles of Spanish famenco guitar to ride on his nordic melodies whereby he creates a new style. And Widenius really does what he wants! His music has amazed many people and one of the best things heard is: “This really is something new!” The album was produced by Colin Bass (Camel, 3 Mustaphas 3) and his great work with the trio is well heard in the album. There were not searching boundaries, they were crashing them.

Joonas Widenius is a perfect example how many young European musicians think, live and work while they create the soundtrack of today’s Europe, and today’s globalized world. The album »New Nordik Sagas« is a blend of styles. Itcombines Finnish and Spanish traditions with rock, jazz and whatever. You name it.

About the songs on the album:

1. Prologue
It’s the start of the album. I wanted to start this trip with the thunder storm. It shows power, its behaviour is unpredictable and it makes you feel small when you face it in the nature.

2. Blues Valhalla
This song got its inspiration from blues and Scandinavian stories and of course Valhalla! Singing blues there. It’s like a blues song from Scandinavia with the melancholic harmonies whiches are really normal to us northern people.

3. Modern Saga
Modern saga continues the same idea about the tales from the north. It’s like a sad song with a piece of hope in it. It combines the times before and the future to come. How will our future be like? Is there any future any more?

4. Northern fandango
The song for the people living in the Lappland and whole north. I’m from there and my roots are there and my roots will stay there. The end of the story.

5. Interlude I
Improvisation song

6. Nemus tale
This is a story from the forest. It describes my feelings when I’m wandering in the nature and listening to woods, rivers, mountains etc.

7. Rahko
The devil is dancing samba! And this devil called “Rahko” is the one who paints moon to turn black during the nights.

8. Nyaqva
Song for the rivers of north.

9. No soi Kaadiz
With this song I wanted to tell that I’m not from south but still I’m influenced by that culture a lot.

10. Interlude II
Improvisation song

11. Jatulit
Ancient giants used to live in the north and they were called Jatulit. Because of the people they dissappeared.

12. Raven Drive
Raven has always interested me a lot. What a beautiful animal! I was thinking the raven when it’s flying through lands and what many things it can see and experince. This song is a ride with the raven!

13. Interlude III
Improvisation song

14. Epilogue
This was an improvisation session with Mr Teemu Viinikainen. We did’nt decided anything, we just started to play and this is a one piece which was born. It makes us feel like a rain that is falling down and trying to purify people to understand the world and the nature better. Where are we really heading?

QUOTES from media:
“Wohl der musikalische Höhepunkt der 23. Ravensburger Jazznacht war das finnische “Joonas Widenius Trio“…Mit seiner Akustikgitarre kann Joonas Widenius scheinbar alles!” Schwäbische Zeitung, Julius Böhm

“Dort wird auch gleich klar, dass sich gitarristische Anfänger an anderer Stelle umtun sollten. Feine Spielstücke auf gehobenem spielerischem Niveau.” Folker, Rolf Beydemüller

“Joonas Widenius Trio’s ‘Finniberico’ stylings are fascinating, original and highly accomplished! The trio is a well-matched unit, energetically dexterous with a lightness of touch. Great
compositions!” Colin Bass

“I am very surprised to hear such an authentic Flamenco feeling from the north of Europe. Joonas Widenius really has a Spanish heart.” Michael Stein, Paco de Lucia’s tour manager

“Guitarists may know him already, but the bigger audience should also remember the name Joonas Widenius. … The trio’s virtuoso and inspiring play reminds me of Trio Töykeät’s musical revolution and fun!” Helsingin Sanomat

“One of the best things in this music is that you can’t put it to any genre!” Suomijazz

“Amazing, personal, inspiring rhythm music and still relaxing to listen!” Satakunnan Kansa


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