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Päivi Hirvonen is a Helsinki based musician, composer and pedagogue – violin, voice and bowed lyre as her instruments. She masters tradition while creates new ones and in her music and artistry both sensitivity and strength meet. Päivi’s strong voice, skillful fiddling and charismatic performance are brought together in her music in a unique way.

Päivi Hirvonen has graduated as Master of Music from Sibelius Academy in 2011 and is currently a doctoral student at the Academy researching solo performance and storytelling. During her career as professional musician she has played varying genres from folk and popular music to classical and performed both solo and with different ensembles and bands touring in Finland and abroad (for instance Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Taiwan and Japan).

She actively works on her solo project under the name Päivi Hirvonen Solo. The project gives her the opportunity to put into practice her passion to combine playing fiddle and singing. Besides the solo project, the other important and active bands at the moment are Okra Playground and LempiLempi duo. She both composes for and plays at these ensembles. In addition Päivi has a duo with Maija Kauhanen that occasionally tours as well.

Päivi has worked as pedagogue already for over 15 years. She is known as inspiring and encouraging pedagogue who teaches folk music, violin and voice for students of all ages and levels. She has taught at many workshops and summer programs all over Finland and at the moment acts as teacher at several music schools in Helsinki.


  • Alku - The Beginning

    Alku - The Beginning

    Jahr: 2018

    Katalognummer: NN102

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