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Puhti from Finland is a vivid co-operation between a musician Anne-Mari Kivimäki and a dancer Reetta-Kaisa Iles.

The unique sound of Puhti is created by the use of accordions, vocals and rhythmic stomping. From the very beginning one of the key objectives of the duo has been to create intense, energetic and high-quality folkmusic with dance, and to develop a new kind of stage art with those elements. The duo’s repertoire consists of a variety of shows suitable for both small club environments as well as large scale festival arenas.

Anne Mari Kivimäki studies also artistic doctoral in Sibelius Academy
The Suistamo series is a part of the artistic doctoral thesis that I’m doing in the Sibelius Academy (The University of the Arts Helsinki) under the title Suistamo – The Laboratory of Tradition. Suistamo concerts experiment, create, develop, research and derail. That is the origin of the title Suistamo – The Laboratory of Tradition. It is a testing place where I can feel free to test the new playing techniques, refine existing compositions, create new music and see what I can get out of myself as a musician. For me, Suistamo is an imaginative place where the early 1900s Suistamo tradition and contemporary folk musicianship meet. The traditional material, especially the recordings of storyteller and accordion player Ilja Kotikallio in the Folklore Archives of the Finnish Literature Society, provide the basis for my research and give inspiration and impulses towards new music and new performing arts.

Reetta Iles
Reetta-Kaisa Ilesworks in Tsuumi Dance Theatre as a dancer, choreographer and a dance teacher. She is also known as a performer and singer in Puhti duo, which combines folk music, dance and theatre. Reetta-Kaisa has a master degree in choreography from Theatre Academy and education as a dance teacher from Oulu conservatory. Reetta-Kaisa has been working as a choreographer in many theatres around Finland. She has also been working as a pedagog for example in Sibelius Academy, Theater Academy and all around Finland in different dance educations and dance groups.


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