Teaser Rakka


Teaser Rakka

Rakka is a new improvising instrumental quintet from Finland. The first album of the band, Soutu (means rowing) by Lumpeela Julkaisut will be released in Finland, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Even though this particular band is new, the musicians have been playing together in several renowned combinations since the early 1990’s.

Three band members Vuorinen, Orpana and Rauhala have been composing the music on the album, which is a unique combination of musical influences from Finnish folk music, old dance hall music, blues, gospel and jazz. It is rhythmic, melodic and includes a lot of improvisation.


Masa Orpana: saxophones,flute
Tommi Kolunen: trumpet
Kusti Vuorinen: accordion, keyboards, percussions
Ville Rauhala: double bass
Janne Tuomi: drums,percussions


  • Rakka - Soutu

    Rakka – Soutu

    Jahr: 2012

    Katalognummer: NN047

  • Rakka - Mykorritsan Valtakunta

    Rakka – Mykorritsan Valtakunta

    Jahr: 2014

    Katalognummer: NN057

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