“The Finns have managed to kill the whole passion of the fiery Argentinian tango, and what is left over is a sad story in minor key about lost love and no hope.”

Uusikuu are one of the most interesting and original interpreters of the rare and rather special genre, the Finnish tango. Their message: The Northern melancholy is the beautiful side of sadness. And even if the Finnish tango is not as full of obvious hot passion as its Argentinian or Uruguayan siblings, these three tango nations have more in common, than you would think…

Uusikuu revisits the haunting and melancholy Finnish rhythms and melodies from the 1930s to 1960s, the glowing voice of the Finnish singer Laura Ryhänen acting as a tour guide to a journey through time into a uniquely Finnish world. Uusikuu’s repertoire does not include only tangos, but also fun and fast humppas, dreamy waltzes, and sleek and sophisticated foxtrot and swing numbers that will bring a smile to your face.

Uusikuu strips the songs to their bare bones and then reconstructs them and
decorates them with jazz, musette and blues influences. Though the songs are in Finnish, the universal language of music makes it easy to understand the stories that touch upon the deepest emotions of the human heart.

Uusikuu has performed at concert halls, theatres, clubs, and various festivals, and has also been involved in theatre and film productions during the past nine years.

Their albums “Hotelli Untola” (Peregrina Music) and “Babylonia” (Humppa Records) have received critical acclaim. The new album is planned for 2016.

In their mission as ambassadors of Fintango, the band has also been actively involved in fusion projects with Uruguayan and Argentinian musicians in order to bring these three big tango nations together.

Uusikuu’s latest musical adventure is a project with Amadeus Lundberg who
won the national tango singing competition – and was crowned as Tango King at one of the worlds’s biggest tangofestivals, Seinäjoen Tangomarkkinat, in
Finland in 2009.

Join Uusikuu for an unforgettable trip to the land of thousand lakes…


  • Suomi-Neito


    Jahr: 2016

    Katalognummer: NN078


14.09.2018 D-Kronberg WANDERLUST mit Claudia Brendler, Kronberger Bücherstube
15.09.2018 D-Hamburg Nacht der Kirchen, Finnische Seemannskirche
21.09.2018 D-Oldenburg Haus des Hörens
06.10.2018 D-Herrenberg Lange Nacht der Kulturen, Marktplatz
13.10.2018 D-Friedrichsrode Kunsthof
16.10.2018 D-Tűbingen Jazz- und Klassiktage Tűbingen, Landestheater Tűbingen
03.11.2018 CH-Bern Private Event
23.11.2018 D-Rottenburg Theater Hammerschmiede
02.12.2018 CH-Zürich Private Event
31.12.2018 D-Stuttgart Silvesterkonzert, Leonhardskirche
01.02.2019 CH-Winterthur Gasthaus Schlosshalde
16.02.2019 D-Neumünster WANDERLUST mit Claudia Brendler, Location tbc
30.11.2019 D-Nürnberg Villa Leon, Stadt Nürnberg Weltmusikreihe
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